Having developed a high expertise and competence within the areas of fashion, lifestyle and beauty over several years of experience, we as ROHDE PR & SOCIAL MEDIA are now able to find individually selected solutions for any expectations of our clients.

Every brand has it's own identity, leading to customized market positions. For us it is exactly this core of the brand which must be exposed to the public – and is therefore the essence of our Social Media and PR strategy for a brand. Within our individually elaborated concepts, our aim is to work in close cooperation with our clients and always in consideration of the brand identity. Our goal is to develop an overall brand image, which customers can identify with throughout every picture, post and publication. Personal passion, creativity and commitment, combined with continuity and efficiency is our key to success and our promise to our clients.

PR & SOCIAL MEDIA also means

developments and trends in order to communicate messages ideally and to tranport them where the relevant target groups can be found. ROHDE PR & SOCIAL MEDIA’s high level of efficiency and analytical thinking is the reason for your investment. We stand for reliability and high professional commitment to provide you with the services you expect from a PR & SOCIAL MEDIA agency.


The base for a successful PR & SOCIAL MEDIA agency is it's high-quality network and creativity. Due to our intensive activity in the industry in recent years, we have acquired contacts that ensure access to high quality magazines. This guarantees that our clients will find their products in publications we deem as appropriate.


Each manufacturer and their product require individual attention. It is of particular importance to develop an appropriate sensitivity to successfully respond to the wishes and expectations of the customers. It is especially important to us to consider both, the ideas of the customers, as well as to successfully implement our work in the continuously changing market.


It is very important to us to always be one step ahead. Routine transactions lead to a lack of innovation and lack of dynamic. Yet these attributes, are needed to be successful for the client. In concurrence with the press this will receive a high degree of recognition.


Creativity has to be in conjunction with flexibility. It is our strength to incorporate unforeseen market or product-related changes in our way of thinking and acting. This ensures success and allows us to act at a high quality level.

"Perfection and market-oriented positioning of a product are in an indispensable dependency on a professional and targeted PR work. Both together must result in a symbiosis to be successful. Our goal is to develop an overall brand image, which customers can identify with throughout every picture, post and publication. That's what we stand for with our agency"