here is a story behind every good product. Like so many of these stories, ours began with a cold beer between friends. In 2013 Quentin gave his later co-founder an unusually cold sip of beer out of an insulated bottle by an African brand. Unusual insofar, that the beer had been in the bottle for the better part of two days and that it was still cold, fresh and highly drinkable. They asked themselves the following question: Why does something similar not exist in Germany? In cooperation with the African producer, the product was severely reworked to fit the European market. FLSK was born! The mission. Design. Function. Sustainability. The team behind FLSK began with the idea to create an uncompromising insulted bottle. Enough with heavy, leaking, ugly and unsustainably produced drinking bottles. We have shown and are showing Europe that there is a different and better way. With a drinking bottle, that upholds highest insulation and combines it with ambitious design and true sustainability through reusability.