Full Service Social Media for FLSK

ROHDE PR & SOCIAL MEDIA manages the stylish thermal flask brand FLSK, creating individual press work since the founding of the agency 2015. In 2018, management of its social media channels was handed over to us.


The overall concept of the Instagram channel was adapted to current trends drifting away from a statistical product photography, to creating inspiring storytelling content. Since then, the lifestyle FLSK travels with us around the world and is photographed in the most beautiful inspiring locations. What a lucky FLSK Bottle;)!

By changing the concept, FLSK Products GmbH has already achieved great success: within five months the number of followers doubled. There was also an increase in brand awareness, as well as a higher number of sales via the Instagram Shopping Tool.


For our client Henkel, we are always happy to implement projects such as the campaign I DYE FOR for the textile dye DYLON, Henkel. The challenge was to shoot a series of international images, where we covered all internal areas of the agency - from the dyeing of the outfits and model styling with accessories, to the location selection and the actual shootings on the dreamy island of Mykonos.


From our client Henkel we were assigned to create the brand image for the international launch of their luxurious new haircare brand Beology.


Within a year, ROHDE PR & SOCIAL MEDIA has created over 350 high-quality photos, gifs and drone videos.The content was shot worldwide: from the tropical Bahamas to the snowy mountains of Davos. The beautiful shots were then published internationally not only in the field of social media, but also for print media advertising.